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How much do you charge?

Our fees vary based upon the complexity of the case, but a usual residential real estate closing averages $1,000.00. If you represent a financial institution, contact us to learn about our reduced rate contracts for lenders.

I’ve heard that buyers don’t need attorneys and that some attorneys charge as little as $500.00. Why should I use Davis and Davis?

Your mortgage lender’s attorney represents the interests of the bank. When it comes to insuring the sellers have performed all their obligations, the bank may not jump to your aid. The lender’s attorney may not care if you got a fair deal. You need an advocate who will work to protect your rights and hold the sellers to their responsibilities. And while some attorneys promise that service for less, they tend to deliver less as well.

What services do you offer?

In short, everything. We’ll negotiate your contract, order a title search, prepare the documents for the title insurer, provide all appropriate documents to the mortgage lender, get pay-off numbers, provide you with a detailed description of the documents and monies you’ll need at closing, prepare your HUD1 form and more. And if you have any questions during the process, we’ll be glad to provide all the answers you need.

What area do you service?

If you are in or near Rockland, Orange or Westchester Counties, New York and the real property is in New York State, we should be able to help you. Contact us for more information.

What other costs are there besides your fees?

The costs of buying a home or business, securing a loan and obtaining assurances of marketable title may be significant. Aside from brokers’ commissions, your mortgage lender may demand several hundred dollars in application fees and title insurance may add another several hundred. Most expensive, as always, are taxes which could add a thousand dollars or more to your closing costs. Davis and Davis never receives any form of commission from your broker, lender or title company.

Can you help with the purchase or sale of commercial property?

The sale of commercial real estate is always a matter that must be attended to with care. Davis and Davis has extensive experience in this area whether it be an office condominium for a sole proprietorship or warehouses filled with industrial equipment for large corporations. When insurance, UCC filings and corporate authorizations become necessary, we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

Can you help with Landlord and Tenant questions?

Davis and Davis is extensively involved with Landlord and Tenant law and litigation. Contact us or see our Landlord and Tenant page for more information.

What if something goes wrong at closing or I find a problem afterwards?

Many real estate attorneys simply process papers. In the unlikely event that the other side hasn’t lived up to their obligations, Davis and Davis has the experience and resources to pursue litigation to protect your rights. We’ve pursued every type of real estate action from accountings to partitions to breach of contract and recission in Justice, Probate and Supreme Court.
















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